One Twelve / Hot & Wet

R&B / Hip hop group One Twelve have been P. Diddy's proteges since their first album back in 1996, which showed promise. The records that followed were basically hit and misses, releasing a couple of catchy tunes at the most. The group's latest effort is entitled "Hot & Wet." They sum up their top songs on the Intro/ Medley which gets the album off to a good start. Group members Q, Daron, Slim and Mike use the same formula as in the past. Lots of groovy beats and cheap sexed up lyrics on tracks such as "It's Going Down 2Nite," the title track featuring Ludacris, the remixed version of that song also featuring Chingy. Once in a while they impress with some real emotion such as the track "Everyday." Cool musical backdrop too. One Twelve usually does quite well with sweet romantic tunes. "Right Here For U" is one of those where the group impresses with their vocals. "You Said" is also notable. Super Cat joins One Twelve for the cool reggae laced track "Na Na Na Na." This album has it's moments but with voices like theirs, these guys can do so much better.

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