Onyx / Bacdafucup Part II

For those of you who saw the movie "Save the Last Dance," you will recognize one of the performers Fredro Starr as part of this rap trio "Onyx." The two other members are Sticky and Sonsee. The songs on this album are very aggressive in lyrics and in sound. If you like Gansgta Rap then this might be something of interest. "What's Onyx," "Bringing Em' Out Dead" and "Bang 2 Dis" is just too damn loud, they are just yelling out the lyrics, I don't consider this real music. They calm down a bit on tracks like "Hold Up" and "Onyx is back." These at least have some cool beats. This album is filled with the usual topics used by most rappers. How about coming up with something different, something original? For a brief moment, Onyx gets real and offers up a track "Feel Me" recorded on 9/11/01. This song actually has some substance unlike the rest.

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