Oscar Peterson

This Montreal born, world-renowned jazz pianist has been a shining light in the music industry for over 40 years and counting. Oscar Peterson is an entertainer who's musical styling has graced the recordings of many albums and hits. "The Composer", a small collection of excellent jazz ensembles, slow waltzes, and a superb live track containing a simply stunning solo, makes this an exquisite addition to any music collection. The first track (Jubilation) of this nine-track CD erupts into a melodious and uplifting energetic groove that Oscar Peterson's orchestra produces effortlessly. It's a great start to an album full of variety, such as the sweet sounding "The Bach Suite: Allegro," beginning quite softly and discreetly, gaining momentum and rolling into a full jazz shuffle. This CD drifts through wonderful melodies and beautiful rhythms and it all flows together brilliantly. The last track is a nod to the place where Peterson grew up "Place St. Henri." The seemingly effortless shifting through bebop, swing, and jazz, brings an immense admiration to the talents of Oscar Peterson. Perfect for dinner or dancing, there is a song for any jazz lover o­n "The Composer".


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