Penny Lang

Penny Lang's Somebody Else was originally released in 1999.  Of course this is not a new release but every so often a new release slips through the cracks and then you have no choice but to back track, if you missed a solid recording.   Somebody Else is an eclectic CD ranging from roots infused blues to straight up electric folk.  All of the selections o­n this 12 track gem are original penny Lang compositions except for David Baxter and Lise Vanderlip's Blusey "Where Will You Be?" and Bob Dylan's "Love Minus Zero / No Limit. Some of my faves o­n this album include: the title track "Somebody Else" which has a haunting quality to it and reminds us of the others around us, the fourth track's intro sounds a bit like Clapton's shuffling  "Hand Jive," (by the way that's a compliment). Slower songs such as the spiritual "Hidin And Denyin," "Power Of The Earth" and the beautiful "You Gave Me A Rainbow" are all special songs that will strike a special note within everyone.  This CD is available at record stores and A Penny Lang tribute has been confirmed for Friday May 23rd 2003 at La Sala Rossa, 4848 St Laurent, Montreal. In attendance: Penny Lang, Stephen Barry, Annabelle Chvostek, Maria Dunn, The Echo Hunters, Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop, Eve Goldberg, Ivy, Connie Kaldor, Les Ours, Linda Morrison, Kirk McGeachie, Beverley McGuire, Cheryl Neill, Evalyn Parry, Chris Rawlings, Steel Rail and Ken Whiteley… I hope to see you there.

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