Peter Gabriel

With the success of last year's Up, England native Gabriel proved that while his days as Genesis front-man may be long gone, he still has what it takes to sell-out concert arenas. It seems like an appropriate time to celebrate the work of Gabriel, which is as catchy and relevant as ever. Traveling back as far as 1977, Hit boasts 29 bloody awesome tracks including all of the biggies ("Sledgehammer", "Solsbury Hill", "In Your Eyes" and "Shock the Monkey", etc.), a couple soundtrack singles ("Cloudless" from Rabbit Proof Fence and "Lovetown" from Philadelphia) and a fair batch of lesser known classics (ie: "Family Snapshot"). When compiling songs for a greatest hits collection, it is difficult to please everyone; however, the ladies and gentlemen behind this disc have done a top notch job at capturing the spirit of Mr. Gabriel at his pinnacle. With a live track ("Downside Up") and even a remix of "The Tower That Ate  People",  titling this collection Hit was a complete understatement.

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