Peter Gabriel Concert Review

Peter Gabriel Concert
Friday, November 29, 2002
Bell Centre
Peter Gabriel's show at the Bell Center last night was absolutely spectacular.  Under the brilliant theatrical direction of local, Robert Lepage, each song unfolded into the next.  o­n his revolving central stage, Peter Gabriel showed us that he has high energy and creative acrobatic abilities.  The three-hour set was a blend of Gabriel's new album entitled UP as well as some of the older, nostalgic turns. The show was a combination of the many different styles of Peter Gabriel.  The mix included some heavy and dark songs such as "Darkness", some deep soulful tunes like "Skyblue" and "Red Rain" as well as many high-energy numbers.  By the time Peter came out in a jacket of lights to play "Sledgehammer", the crowd just couldn't stop dancing! This production spared no expense o­n special effects.  The giant orb that descended from above the stage was often the center of attention.  With lighting from within, incredibility psychedelic effects were achieved.  During "Growing Up" Gabriel vanished into the orb and emerged in a bouncing ball that he maneuvered so gracefully around the stage.  "Upside Down" from the new album was sung by Peter and his daughter while they were suspended from the rafters by their feet, they were upside down. Overall, the evening was highly entertaining.  Even the two opening groups were wonderful.  The Blind Boys of Alabama are a seven-piece gospel choir who opened the evening with their powerful voices.  They kept our feet stomping and our hands clapping.  Then the two Zawose Brothers captivated the crowd with the tribunal African sounds of their flutes and strings.  Right down to Gabriel's triple encore, this was a crowd pleasing   event; hope you added this o­ne to your concert memory scrapbook.


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