Pet Shop Boys

So many artists who made it big in the 80's eventually disappeared from the music scene. As some of them have been trying to reinvent themselves and get back into the game, Pet Shop Boys count themselves amongst them. Their claim to fame was the track "West End Girls" which got tremendous airplay. They have returned with a new album featuring ten new tracks. "Home And Dry" kicks things off to a mellow start. The album pretty much stays o­n the same wavelength for the first half with tracks like "I Get Along" and the hum drum "Birthday Boy." Tracks that do stand out are "E-Mail" and the techno laced "The Samurai In Automn" which incorporates some Chinese instruments. The sound is innovative. "The Night I Fell In Love" also is interesting. The slow tracks do not make much of an impression but the few up tempo tracks are where The Pet Shop Boys shine most

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