Pet Shop Boys / Disco 3

The Pet Shop are back on the music with a brand new album entitled "Disco 3. "Time On My Hands is a techno laced tune. Their voices are slightly modified, giving the song a futuristic feel to it. Positive Role Model has a more disco fever vibe belnded with the techno beats. It's different. London (Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit) is upbeat and features various sounds. "Somebody Else's Business" is a pretty cool track. An interesting soundscape. "Here (PSB New Extended Mix) is average. "Sexy Northener (superchumbo mix) fails to impress. "Home And dry (Blank & Jones Remix)" is a fast paced track. The album ends off with the track "London" except this time it is the "Genuine Piano Remix."
If you are a fan check it out but these guys have done better in the past.

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