Philip Bailey

Philip Bailey, known for his remarkable four octave falsetto with the legendary musical group Earth, Wind and Fire, entertains us with a new jazz album entitled "Soul o­n Jazz." This Denver, Colorado native draws from many music genres such as gospel, hip-hop, bebop and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. "I'm definitely influenced by Miles Davis," says Bailey. He grew up listening to the likes of Art Blakey, Max Roach and John Coltrane. The soulful music o­n this album has an interesting R&B aesthetic that can draw fans of this genre that may not necessarily like traditional jazz music. "My Indiscrestions" is groovy and will encourage you to listen to the following tracks. Notable o­nes include "Compared To What," the lighthearted "Bop-Skip-Doodle," the soft "Unrestrained," and the upbeat "Sometime Ago."


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