"Phish Heads" everywhere are probably still grinning from cheek to cheek. Why, you ask? Any Phish Phan will list off several reasons to rejoice. Primarily, the band's two year touring hiatus is over and the band has sold out its first string of shows, including a phantastic New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Gardens, in New York City.  All of the band's upcoming live shows are downloadable through the internet, for a mere $10 U.S. per show (  The emotional rewards of hearing recently performed live shows are indescribable.  Further, Phish has released Round Room from their October rehearsal tapes.  This album was recorded within their first four days of rehearsal time at guitarist Trey Anastasio's Vermont studio (The Barn).  The new disc debuted at #46 o­n the billboard charts and sold over 65,000 copies within the first week.  I have to admit that some of these songs are still a bit raw and will probably get reworked during their live shows.  The jamming is still prevalent o­n all of the CD's twelve tracks.  So the formula has not been broken and the guys are back o­n the road again.  I imagine many of you will be going Phishing come summer tour.

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