After  years  of  establishing  a  reputation as a dynamic live band, it appears that Phish has finally stopped trying  to  translate  that  live  aesthetic to their studio recordings.  Farmhouse is the album o­n which Phish appears to appl  more  conventional  methods to  recording.  After a number of more experimental albums, including Junta, the band's initial recording o­n which four tracks  clock in at  over ten minutes, the songs o­n Farmhouse  are  shorter  and more radio-friendly. The amazing musicianship of the group's members, mostnotably guitarist Trey Anastasio, who also serves as producer o­n this  album, is  still  prevalent.  Tracks like "Farmhouse, " "Bug,"  and  "Dirt"  reflect  the  emotional  tone  of the  band  while "Gotta Jibboo" and "First Tube" provide a more upbeat and fun sound.  The band appears ready to  touch  an untapped demographic with this new album while still appeasing their legions of  diehard fans.

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