Prestige Records

Although, the Prestige Jazz Quartetwas solely intended to be a studio quartet they did however make an exception o­n June 22, 1957 when they recorded this sensational live album in Hackensack, NJ. This fine recording featuresTeddy Charles (vibes),Mal Waldron (piano), Addison Farmer (bass) and Jerry Segal (drums). You will o­nly find four tracks o­n this blissful Jazz infused CD. The opening number is a three-sectional piece; the medium paced "Route 4" (recorded again later by John Coltrane), the slow and solo entrenched "Lyriste", the last part"Father George" isthe most upbeat selection among the three pieces.Short for metamorphosis waltz, Waldron's"Meta-Waltz is the second track o­n this disk; listen formedium paced solos from all four players. Track three, is a dreamy ballad dedicated to Waldron's wife Elaine ("Dear Elaine"); the song is built o­n a two-note motif which approximates the two syllables of her name. "Friday the 13th"is the closer and again listen to those great solos, wow.This is a great CD and a must for any musical aficionado. Throw this disc o­n and put o­n your headphones and just lay back,relax and smile.

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