Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell is an artist in the truest sense. She displays talents as a composer, lyricist, arranger musician and vocalist. This contemporary jazz singer discovered her passion for music at the tender age of six and she has certainly come a long way. Not o­nly has she mastered jazz but she is actually quite adept in other genres like urban contemporary pop, classical and gospel music. The Philadelphia native has gathered up some of her greatest work from 1991 to 1997. It includes eleven live tracks performed at the Montreux Jazz festival with an intro spoken by the founder of the festival and Ferrell's close friend Claude Nobs. She begins by performing a delightful rendition of "You Send Me" followed by "You Don't Know What Love Is." The upbeat "Don't Waste Your Time" also deserves applause for the versatility shown by Ferrell. "I'm Special," and "With Every Breath I Take" also stand out.


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