Recess / Taking the Fifth (Grade) / Special DVD Edition

In the final chapter of the Recess series, the kids are ready for an all new school year. So much to look forward to: a new teacher, their own locker, ruling the playground and the cafeteria… but all their hopes were shattered. None of the things they were looking forward to were to come true.  The o­nly thing left to do was protest through civil disobedience. The new school policies which included no lockers or playground and food worse than ever in the cafeteria was not o­nly disliked by the students but also by the members of the school board, but none of them had the backbone to speak out. It took a kid to make them see the importance of changing what you think is wrong.  So T-J led the protest and got things to change. Another privilege that came with 5th grade was the exclusive 5th and 6th grade club that the Recess gang was invited to join. But they soon learned that the club was a little too exclusive for them and didn't feel comfortable forbidding other grades from joining. When Gus and Mikey became club elitists, they knew that they all  had to drop their club membership and go back to being themselves. 5th grade can also be perceived as a time to grow up and abandon childish concepts like trick or treating during Halloween. This was the dilemma facing Spinelli, who basked in Halloween celebrations every year until some 6th graders started to tease her about the fact that she still went pumpkin picking and trick or treating. But Spinelli learned an important lesson, that you're never too old to keep the spirit alive, you have to  go with your feelings, not what others think. 5th grade turned out to be a fun time for all the Recess kids and their fans.

Bonus Episodes

The Break In
T-J is caught trying to break into the "Good Food" fridge when the kids become fed up with the inedible cafeteria food. When he gets caught, he is given detention during recess period and the kids all get together and try to break him out.

 The New Kid
A look back at Gus' first day of school. He then  had the stigma of being the "new kid". The"new kid" has to sit in the back of the school bus and never gets chosen o­n the kickball team, and doesn't even get to be called by his name, everyone calls him "new kid". The Recess gang decided this unjust practice must come to an end and work together to give Gus back his name and dignity.

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