The Best Of R.E.M.: In Time 1988-2003 is just in time for Christmas, so you better be good.  This CD will delight any fan, featuring 18 re-mastered tracks. From R.E.M's newest track "Animal' which was recorded in about 15 minutes, to their oldest track o­n the album "All The Right Friends" (recorded in 1979). As with most "best of" albums, this compilation is a great addition to any R.E.M fan's CD collection but it is also a super introduction to the music of this classic band. R.E.M is comprised of Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe and Bill Berry who retired from the band in 1997.  The ever popular "Losing My Religion," "Everybody Hurts," "Man o­n The Moon' and "Orange Crush" are included o­n this disc along with two new songs; including their newest hit "Bad Day."  The songs "Man o­n The Moon" and "The Great Beyond" helped define the film "Man The Moon" and contributed to the success of the band.  I really enjoyed the booklet that's included with this CD; it offers a description for each of the featured songs.

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