Remy Shand

The first time I heard the debut song by Remy Shand entitled "Take A Message," I didn't like it at all. But after hearing it a few more times o­n the radio, it started to sound appealing. There is an air of mystery that lingers throughout the song. His voice is very different from what we are used to hearing o­n mainstream radio. But hey, different can be good right? In this case, it is. Originally from Winnipeg, this 23 year old has created a fusion album combining R&B, pop and alternative music which works splendidly o­n this album. The singer/songwriter/producer is influenced by music legends like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Great songs inlclude "The Way I Feel" a jazzy r&b flavored delight. Remy has a really versatile voice, as you will notice throughout the album. "Everlasting" is a sweet soulful song. "The Color Of The Day" stands out for it's old school feel. "Rocksteady" is groovy and soothing to listen to. The pace picks up a little o­n "Liberate." The final track "The Mind's Eye" is rich in lyrics and thought provoking. A great start for a promising musician. Keep in mind that 1$ for every cd sold will be donated to the band-aid fund, which contributes to Canada's high school music programs. 

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