Richie Blackmore & Candice Night

Blackmore's Night is the latest project led by guitarist Ritchie
Blackmore of Deep Purple fame. Here, Blackmore is joined by
Candice Night and her enchanting voice, along with a handful of
other talented musicians o­n violin, cello and drums who are
united by their strong passion for renaissance music. This
Double CD Live Album has a variety of tunes ranging from serene
ballads such as "I Still Remember" to energetic and rythmic
songs like "Morning Star". However, o­ne of the more moving
tracks is "Beyond the Sunset", an instrumental piece o­n
classical guitar and violin in which the Celtic and Spanish
influences of this album mesh effortlessly. In all, this is a
perfect album for any Medieval music fan as it stays true to its
roots while bringing a new spin to the sounds of renaissance.
However, there are o­nly o­ne or two songs like "16th Century
Greensleeves" and "Writing o­n the Wall" that are even slightly
reminiscent of Ritchie Blackmore's previous work with their
heavy electric guitar riffs, so if you're expecting a rock album
you may want to look elsewhere.

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