Robbie Williams

Are you o­ne of those fans who dream about Robbie Williams?  Dying to hear him talk to You?  Here's some fuel for the fire of those secret conversations.  William indulges in some "cheesy humility" (M. Wilkin) that never sounds quite so amazing during replay as it did in concert – but that is all part and parcel of a live disk.  This could be an amazing souvenir to re-capture the concert for those of you who attended Knebworth this summer … Didn't catch his show?  Neither did I, but surprisingly enough I actually enjoyed the majority of the tracks presented.  There was a lot of great classic material covered (We Will Rock You, Mr. Bojangles and Angels for just a few).  They are done with enough energy and flair to make them entertaining but really, most of this material will probably turn up o­n a "best of" album that will include studio quality tracks.  The first track demands "Let me entertain you" (Williams) and if you really enjoy listening to the noise of 375,000 plus people screaming and singing (Angels really is an amazing track) then it's a fun disk.  Williams seems to take first and ask later, hoping his charisma will take him anywhere he wants… his good looks probably can.  To conclude, the disk is light entertainment that is for the devoted rather than the average fan. 


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