Rosanne Cash

"Rules of Travel" is Rosanne Cash's 11th album and her first studio release in over a decade.  Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Teddy Thompson appear o­n this album along with a touching duet ("September When It Comes") with Rosanne's ailing dad,  Johnny Cash.  Additionally, Cash covers Jakob Dylan's "Hope Against Hope" and "Three Steps Down," written by Teddy Thompson, the album's first track is "Beautiful Pain," written by Craig Northey and features Sheryl Crow o­n vocal harmonies.  The remainder of the songs were written by Cash, with a handful of collaborative efforts with John Leventhal. Rosanne Cash can not be pigeon holed into the country / soft rock genre anymore, yet she does embody those two forms of music o­n this disc. Nearing 50, with four children, has changed her slant o­n life and consequently this is reflected in her music. I don't enjoy labeling music, yet if pushed I would describe this album as an adult / contemporary CD. Rosanne has matured, like a fine wine.

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