Rough Trade’s Carole Pope: Answers To Your Questions

1)What was the single most important moment  in your early career- was there a time when you said to yourself: "this is IT?"…Christine Atallah from Arlana Productions asks:
It was when Bernie Finkelstein of True North records offered us a deal.

2)How do you find the music business has changed in the last ten years?
I find it all very superficial. For the most part, the kind of artists who get signed are young pretty pop singers who do not necessarily have any talent except for their looks. Record companies are not into developing artists. Thank god for small independent labels.

3)Considering today's technological advancements i.e.:Hank William's Jr's duet with his late father, "There's A Tear In My Beer" and "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole; would you ever consider taking a Dusty Springfield vocal track out of appreciation and respect and do an electronically enhanced duet with her? Yes or No and why?… K.Ruben from Ruben and associates
No I wouldn't, because that is something that never would have happened if she was alive. I'm not worthy.

4)What are some of your fondest memories of Montreal; can you recount any specific incidents?
I think just generally the audiences are much more savvy and appreciative. Our farewell concert  at the Spectrum when the curtain caught o­n fire…and nobody in the CBC crew who were filming the show paid any attention.

5)Can we expect to hear more new music from you?
Yes I have a new single World of o­ne, that I sell o­n my website, along with other music and all the Rough trade CDs.

6)Are you  going to continue to record amazing solo albums like "Radiate".
I do have a new single called world of o­ne.  I worked with a man named Alain Johannes o­n it. He co-wrote and co-produced the Chris Cornell solo album. We'd like to do an album together if that's possible.

7)Is there a new Rough Trade record in the works?..
If we got an offer we couldn't refuse we'd record o­ne.

8)Did you watch the Juno awards this ? if so, what was your reaction?
I live in LA so I can't watch them.

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