Rubberman and Treble Charger

On Wednesday night, 300+ patrons crammed into the warm and cozy confines of Bourbon Street West for an intimate concert by much heralded Toronto band, Treble Charger, and local faves, Rubberman. Rubberman, who happen to hail from the West Island, took to the stage first and had to deal with the adversity of setting up in front of the headliner's gear…although the presence of two drum kits did limit the amount of space o­n stage, it by no means diminished the energy of the band, nor the stage presence of charismatic frontman, Jonas Tomalty, who leaped around the stage with reckless abandon. His stage antics/acrobatics are rivaled o­nly by his soaring vocals which, coupled with the incredibly tight musicianship of his cohorts, always makes for an explosive live show…Wednesday's night's performance was no exception. The band tore through a set that highlighted their eclectic blend of soulful, loud and proud, heavy hitting tuneage that included "Alice's Wonderland", a song that helped "break" the group, as well as "More Than I Can Chew", the first single from their forthcoming major label release. The band also did a rollicking cover of Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry" midway through the set that had the crowd grooving in unison with the band. A few tunes later, a now bare-chested Jonas took to the crowd to belt out the final strains of "Sweet", a song that brought their set to a close and a raucous crowd to its feet, clamoring for more. Treble Charger graced the stage shortly thereafter, and plied the already stoked crowd with both their melodic guitar driven rock, as well as their irreverent and playful sense of humor…from buying a few dozen shots for the crowd , to inviting a fan o­n-stage to dance and down a 2L bottle of Ginger-Ale, they pushed all the right buttons and struck all the right chords with songs like "Friend of Mine" and "American Psycho". They might not have won a Juno last week but they certainly won over a slew of new fans with their infectious set.

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