Rush / The Spirit Of Radio

Canadian rockers Rush have certainly come a long way, beginning their career in 1976 and their music is still entertaining fans today. They are one of the few bands from the 70's that have evolved with the times and managed to maintain a steady fan base. They were recently honored by being inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall Of Fame last month in Toronto. Band members Geddy lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Pert certainly have earned this honor since they have released 22 albums, won eight Juno Awards and were given a Lifetime Achievement Award from Hollywood based Musician's Institute. Their current album "The Spirit Of Radio" which includes hits from 1976 to 1987. Included are tracks such as "Working Man," "Freewill," "The Big Money," "Time Stand Still" and their classic "2112 Ouverture." A must have for fans.

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