Russell Gunn

Gaining immense popularity in 2000 while touring with D'Angelo throughout the United States and Europe, Gunn's unique blend of jazz riffs and record spinning are nothing short of kick-ass.  Russell's trumpet-playing is o­ne of the major reasons why you'll be pressing the repeat button o­n your stereo, though DJ Neil's turntable talents make the experience all the more enjoyable. Inspired by all of the jazz greats as well as rapper LL Cool J, the disc is a well-rounded of assortment of tracks for any R n' B expert. With hits like the lyric-less ditty "Stranger Fruit", the intriguing "Variations (on a Conspiracy Theory)" and the cleverly-titled "The Critic's Song", Ethnomusicology will have listeners counting down the days until Gunn decides to release volume 4.

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