Helen Folasade Adu  otherwise known as Sade was born in Nigeria in 1959 to mixed Nigerian / British parentage. She grew up in Essex, Britain where she found comfort in writing songs about life, as perceived through her adolescent eyes.  Her professional career began in 1981, fronting the funk band Pride.  She left Pride in the mid-eighties to form her own band, taking three ex-Pride members with her (Stewart Matthewman (saxophone), Andrew Hale (keyboards) and Paul Denman o­n bass). The four musicians are still recording and performing together today.  It's been eight years since Sade released her last CD; when asked why it took so long; Sade commented that she had nothing to put forth musically.  Lovers Rock may very well be Sade's smoothest roots tinged offering to date.  The new album sounds less pop and dance oriented and more down to earth.  Two hit singles have already emerged, they include King Of Sorrow and the first track o­n the CD, By Your Side which has already been re-mixed and is a huge hit in clubs throughout the world.  This album flows seamlessly from o­ne track to the next.  Sade's lyrical terminology still focuses o­n love songs, yet she also touches o­n social concerns in King Of Sorrow, Slave Song and Immigrant.  Sade's joyous and tranquil voice is as soothing as ever, if you enjoyed her music before, you will love this new CD.

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