Sam Roberts

Montreal's very own Sam Roberts traveled all the way to Vancouver's fabled Mushroom Studios to put down the tracks for "We Were Born In A Flame." Roberts represents a breath of fresh air in Canadian music.  This album includes 14 tracks, with new versions of Robert's previous 3 hit singles, "Brother Down," "Don't Walk Away Eileen," Where Have All The Good People Gone." Roberts played all the instruments o­n this disc except for drums.  This album continues in the same tradition as Robert's previous album.  Look for high energy pop tunes that will surely satisfy Sam's fan base and will probably draw in a few newbies as well. The rhythmic "Hard Road" charts the course o­n this hook laden disc.  Several songs o­n this CD show good radio airplay potential, they include: "Dead End," 'Taj Mahal,"  "Every Part Of Me," and I enjoyed "The Canadian Dream," the hard edged "On The Run" packs a punch unlike the lofty "No Sleep," that mentions St. Catherine and St.Laurent Blvd. and includes a few French verses.  Roberts is proud of his Montreal roots and it shows; check out the black and white photo in the insert of the disc, it looks like Roberts and his cohorts are sitting inside Ben's Diner, bon appetite.

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