Sarah Harmer

When  o­ne  of  my  industry  cohorts  approached me last week and asked if I had reviewed Sarah Harmer's most recent album release I was unsure, until  I  looked at the CD's cover.    I subsequently  told him that I haven't listened to the disc yet.   I know, you're wondering why is Yorg sharing this information with us.   I find  it  intriguing  that  so many  aspects  of  Sarah  Harmer's  latest  CD  are  reminiscent  of something or someone familiar.   Harmer looks so familiar, like someone I went to high school with, but  she's  six  years younger than me,  so that's out.    Harmer's voice has been compared  to  Lucinda  Williams  and  Emmylou Harris. In spite of all the comparisons Harmer's lyrics are intelligent and  compelling,  we  can  all  relate  to what she is singing about.    Her song  "Basement Apartment"  conveys  a  sagacity  relating to the plight of somebody's unhappy existence in their basement apartment.   Most  of us  will  relate  to  her  woeful  song "Coffee  Stain."   Her  graceful  ballads  flow  poetically  and  remind  us  of  susceptible  moments   in  our  lives.   Harmer's ethereal voice is a perfect companion to her prolific  writing  abilities.    I'm  sure  Harmer's rise to international recognition is o­nly a matter of time; then others will use her  as  a  comparative.   Don't forget to check out Harmer's concert at the Café Campus October 20 (I'll see you there).

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