Seabiscuit / Special DVD Edition

Based o­n the true story of the racehorse who galloped into America's heart during the Depression-era, Tobey Maguire stars as Red Pollard, the visually impaired former boxer who turned the undersized stallion into a household name. Besides Pollard, the story brings the lives of various conflicted individuals to the screen including tycoon Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges) who is grieving the death of his child as well as Tom Smith, a reserved horse whisperer (Chris Cooper). The film, which clocks in at close to two hours and a half, is not for the viewer who craves 'in your face' entertainment every few minutes. The drama pans out at a considerably slow pace but manages to remain compelling throughout. Seabiscuit is a tour de force film, dealing with mature subject matter involving tragedy, triumph and everything in between. Basically, it's your archetypical Oscar-worthy classic for the older crowd. That is not to say that the film does not have its drawbacks. With enough melodrama and sappy, American patriotism to kill a horse, Seabiscuit is anything but the cinematic equivalent of a Clydesdale. But with genuinely heartfelt performances from the film's three leads (particularly the outstanding Jeff Bridges), Seabiscuit is a drama worth betting o­n.


DVD Special Features:
1. Seabiscuit :Racing Through History
Enjoy historic newsreels and actual races, along with interviews with director Gary Ross and writer Laura Hillenbrand

2. Anatomy Of Movie Moment
Director Gary Ross discusses the intricacies of the production of Seabiscuit, from script to screen.

3. Photo Finish: Jeff Bridges o­n Set Photographs
Jeff Bridges has been chronicalling his films for quite some time; in this segment the actor showcases his favorite photos shot during the filming of Seabiscuit

4. Bringing The Legend To Life
Take a behind the scenes look at the production of Seabiscuit.


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