Seal IV

Seal IV
Seal / Warner
By Seema

Acclaimed vocalist Seal has charmed fans around the world with his rich and soulful voice. He had a few hits such as the 1994 Grammy winning "Kiss From A Rose" and his unforgettable track entitled "Crazy." After a five year absence, the talented Seal returns with a new album simply entitled "Seal IV." The Paddington native left Los Angeles behind and headed for London to prepare his current album. After much discipline and dedication he came up with some enjoyable tracks. The debut single "Get It Together" has been getting a fair amount of radio airplay and seems to be a hit with the fans. It is an uplifting song about keeping the world together. Surely welcome in this great time of difficulties being experienced around the globe. "Waiting For You" is a pleasant listen. "Love's Divine" is a touching song. "It's a catalyst for something fresh and unexpected and at the same time sets a new standard for me," says Seal. "Heavenly is very characteristic of what is regarded in my sound. I wanted to make a clear emotional connection without being too explicit. He certainly does leave a lasting impression with many of the songs on this album. A worthwhile purchase.

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