Self -Titled / Shawn Desman

Singer / songwriter Shawn Desman has joined the ranks of rising Canadian talent. He has been performing songs in his native Portugese since he was nine years old. His english self-titled album is laced with upbeat Hip Hop party anthems and smooth R&B vocals. Shawn's infectious track "Shook" has been getting tons of radio airlpay and is a definite hit with the fans. Club track "Get Ready" also gets the thumbs up for it's funky vibe. "Bow" and Never Change Me" takes a look at his success and lyrics become introspective at times. The 19 year old raises the roof with high energy tracks like "Yoyo" and "Better Than Me." While the more sentimental R&B tracks can be considered average fare, the track "Superman" particulary stands out for it's sweet & sensitive lyrics. Worth checking out.

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