This brand new romantic comedy from Peter Chelsom is set in an all-too perfect and unbelievably small world. A beautiful young psychologist (Kate Beckinsale) and an equally young and dashing ESPN producer (John Cusack) meet during Manhattan's bustling Christmas rush at Bloomingdale's, in a fight over the last pair of black gloves. Sara insists o­n the value and inevitability of fate, and the two of them begin a game designed to put destiny to the test. Swinging ahead by ten years – to the present – when both characters are o­n the eve of their weddings (to other partners, of course), each enlists the help of their respective best buddies in o­ne final effort to tempt lady fate o­ne lone, final time to work her wonders. Both pairs of friends board planes in search of that last ditch dream known as the eternal soul mate. Without giving away its happy ending, this fun, light-hearted chick flick should help to resurrect your faith in the natural order of the universe of love. Its message is clear: take heart in all conquests, for true love will prevail – even if it takes a decade or more. All of this in an hour and a half. Bring a date!

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