Sergent Garcia

If the music world seems to be getting increasingly prosaic and you need an exhilarating shot of novelty, Sergent Garcia's music is the epitome of diversity and his fourth album La Semilla Escondida (The Secret Seed) attests to that. With his long stint in alternative/punk rock outfit Ludwig Von 88 from the early 80's to the mid 90's and then his venture out into the world of Latin based music and his experimentations with that genre, the Paris native has a  background that runs the gamut in terms of artistic and musical style, expression and direction.

His newest stroke of genius rubs out the notion of boundaries o­nce again as  The Secret Seed combines Reggae, Salsa. Ska, Rumba and Hip Hop together like a well-sewn,  eclectic garment.  Recorded between Santiago, Cuba and Kingston, Jamaica, the CD contains the musical contributions of local artists like Tanya Stephens and Firehouse Crew and is a   head bobbing and arm-waving soundtrack to your car ride and destined  for  club success across the globe. Tracks like Que Me Pongan Donde Hay, Long Time, Revolucion, Tu No Sabes Na and Viva La Felecidad will not o­nly be conducive to party atmospheres this summer but also and along with several other tunes reveal the brewing and unbridled talent of Sergent Garcia ready to commence world domination.

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