Shania Twain / Up

Canadian superstar Shania Twain is back after a long absence from the music scene with a generous double cd set featuring 19 songs. Her debut single "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" is getting the thumbs up from fans. The title track is a cool country pop tune with a catchy beat. A light spanish vibe gives "Juanita" a lovely soundscape. Shania's sings some sweet words on "Forever And For Always," The talented songstress surprises listeners with "Ain't No Particular Way" & "Ka-Ching" where she blends country and hip hop sounds. Very cool. Guitar riffs rock up the track "Nah!" Other notable songs include "I Wanna Get To Know You That Good," "When You Kiss Me" is a beautiful ballad. A great comeback. Fans will love this album.

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