Shelby Lynn

This blond, blue eyed pop country singer has been causing a buzz with her latest CD "Love, Shelby." The deep voiced vocalist also takes credit for co-writing the tracks of her debut album. Shelby experiments with country, R&B and Jazz influences, which even earned her a Grammy nomination with her previous album. "Love, Shelby" stays true to her past style. "Trust Me" is a pop rock tune that sounds a bit like Meredith Brooks. The track "Bend" is a soft catchy tune. The following track has an odd title. It's entitled "Jesus o­n A Greyhound." Her track "Wall In Your Heart" is filled with emotion and can also be found o­n the soundtrack of the new movie "Shallow Hal," starring Gwyneth Paltrow. "Ain't It The Truth" sounds more like an authentic country tune, heavy o­n the guitar. "Tarpoleon Napoleon" displays a jazzier facet of Shelby's voice. Also included is "Mother," a song written by the legendary John Lennon. 

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