On their debut release, Silverstein takes the listener o­n a journey through intense instrumental arrangements and soulful lyrics. Their songs are about heartbreak, and all its attributed emotions: anger, sadness, confusion, frustration and more. Siverstein's music is passionate and credible and their lyrics project emotional images we can all relate to. For the most part, Silverstein's success can be attributed to their lead vocalist Shane Told. His unique voice is silky smooth through melodic passages o­n tracks such as "Red Light Pledge" and "Giving Up". Other times, Told produces wall pounding screaming, o­n songs like "Bleeds No More" and "When Broken is Easily Fixed". With so many sreamo bands vying for an ounce of attention, Silverstein certainly makes their impact felt. Interestingly, Silverstein's songs are all composed by various band members, allowing for each member to express his point of view through Told's dynamic voice. Each song is highly structured: mixing melody with screaming breakdowns, while maintaining fluctuating time signatures. Not big o­n branding music with a label, Silverstein made it their goal to create a seamless fusion between punk, emo and hardcore and in this they have succeeded.

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