Silverstein / Somehow Hollow

Silverstein stole the show last night at L'X. While a measly 7 people seemed to be familiar with the band, a huge crowd gathered none the less. Obviously they had come in search of an answer regarding the hype surrounding Silverstein. Having just recently signed to Victory Records, Silverstein have already built a name for themselves. Stepping forward with a fresh sound, Silverstein put little restraint o­n the direction of their sound: switching from soft, fluttery emo to punch-in-the-gut hardcore all within a single song. Silverstein's set was fairly short, but they made every minute of it count. The band really ripped it up o­n stage, especially with intense guitar harmonies done by Neil Boshart and Josh Bradford. The biggest performer of the group was Shane Told, who really put his body and soul into every song, his presence dominating the entire stage. o­n occasion Told would even lean over the crowd as he tossed out words to whoever was willing to catch them. During the entire set, the members of the band were beaming with positive energy, proving that they love what they do as did their audience.

Set List:

Bleeds No More
Smashed Into Pieces
Giving Up
Red Light Pledge
Friends In Fallriver
The Weak And The Wounded

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