Simone (Rachel Roberts: supermodel-turned-actress) is the perfect actress. She performs flawlessly. The world is in love with her and wants more and more of her. The only catch is, she only exists as a cyber entity. Viktor Taransky (played by Al Pucino: The Godfather, The Devil's Advocate) finds himself molding out his own private star from a highly advanced computer program. Viktor controls Simone in every way, literally breathing life into Simone using his masterful vision of film. Or… does Simone control Viktor? Viktor has to create the myth that Simone is real. Even when Viktor tries to kill Simone's career so that he can return to his normal life, the virtual goddess only gets more and more popular. The movie was very moving and thought provoking, and holds you to your seat with magnificent drama and suspense. And as if that were not enough, the entire supporting cast was superb. Simone is a film like no other this summer and one that must be watched.

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