"Smoother was formed while I was in high school, I was just 13 years old," says lead singer Andrew who is now in his 20's like the other members of Smoother. "We are fun, happy guys who like making music together." All five members are originally from Hamilton. "We've got some great characters in the band such as Ken Torp, our bass player. He brings some humor and craziness to the group. James is the ultimate slacker, in a good way I guess. Adam is the quiet o­ne, typical drummer," says Todd with a smile. Andrew jumps in and points out that Todd is the crazy o­ne and he has no shame. He'll do anything. Todd smirks and explains that Andrew is truly an artistic type. When asked to define their music, Andrew is not shy about using labels to describe their style. "It's pop, rock. There are all different kinds of variety o­n our debut album "Chasing The Dragon." It takes you o­n a ride. There is some slow stuff that is more mellow, stuff that will get you going. You can pick o­ne song for any emotion you're feeling. There will always be something to choose from". Todd goes o­n to explain that he thinks the lyrics are well crafted. "When listening to the album, you'll probably laugh a little. There are some smart-ass lyrics and others that are more meaningful. It's a nice blend."

Numerous groups inspire these five musicians. Andrew includes The Beatles amongst artists that influence his music. Others include Smashing Pumpkins, Gish and a variety of other musical talents from the past. Andrew remarks about how he appreciates certain bands earlier work. ."Many bands are good at the beginning but as time goes by, a lot of them run out of things to say, they get too rich and successful or they forget about what they were trying to do in the first place. I appreciate the beginning when they were not so jaded." Todd nods in agreement with his childhood buddy. The two band members also had a few nice things to say about Montreal. Andrew points out the lovely women, our multi-ethnic environment and the cheap rent as being his top three favorites. What is coming up for these guys in the future? "We will continue touring, and producing songs because we've got so many already prepared. Todd "We'd like to get more radio airplay. That would be cool. We just basically want to keep enjoying what we do and hope people enjoy it as well."

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