Snapcase's latest release is nothing short of amazing. This band really knows how to create a unique sound. It's no surprise that Snapcase have been an inspiration to many bands: their innovative approach to music is eye-opening to every music fan. This band has come a long way from their Victory debut, "Comatose" (1991), having explored numerous musical approaches before finding the futuristic sound heard o­n "Bright Flashes". This album incorporates loud, hardcore vocals and strong guitar riffs, combined with synthesized electro-rock. The result is something along the lines of Refused, focusing even more o­n experimentation. Daryl Taberski's (vocals) delivers honest lyrics about personal challenge that really hit the listener hard. Intense guitar work by Jon Salemi (guitar), Frank Vicario (guitar), and Dustin Perry (bass) really pull this record together. They have a way of producing riffs that mesh well, are easy to listen to, yet remain unpredictable. Ben Lythberg (drums) completes the band with creative drumming. The most striking thing about this album are the electrocore tracks: a style which is seldom experimented with in today's hardcore scene. Standout songs are: "Dress Rehearsal", "Blacktop" (Helmut cover), "Skeptic", "Ten A.M.", "Freedom Of Choice" (Devo cover) and "Makeshift Tourniquet". Snapcase have successfully created an album that  is entirely their own.

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