Snapcase have come a long way since their 1997 release "Steps". This 4 song EP sounds somewhat recreational, however the potential for real substance can be heard peaking through the excess padding. Daryl's voice sounds more coarse and angered than the refined (but still heavy) vocals heard o­n recent albums. Scott Dressler (guitar), John Salemi (guitar), Bob Whiteside (bass) and Tim Redmond (drums) strum and pound away, but their technique needs improvement. The songs o­n the album are mediocre, and while the album may be named for the song "Steps", the best track o­n this album is the instrumental "Run And Fall". Careful attention is paid to each and every note, which are assembled with precision to create quite an intense arrangement. An interesting EP, but nothing compared to the albums Snapcase has come out with since then.

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