Here is o­ne of the most influential hardcore albums of 2002. "End Transmission" is loyal to Snapcase's signature experimental sound: this album is a fusion of classical, trance, and of course hardcore. Snapcase have come up with an innovative approach to their music. their lively sound leads the listener o­n an aural adventure. This progression can be heard o­n songs like "Synthesis of Classic Forms", which starts with a trance segment and echoey vocals, before bursting into dramatic rock. The mixing of these two forms continues right through the entire song. Similar creativity is heard o­n "ID/Hindsight", where the delicate sound of a melancholic melody eventually morphs into roaring guitars. This album promotes a freedom of thought and opinion, where everyone is right and no o­ne is wrong. Darryl Taberski's intelligent lyrics deliver opinions about a futuristic society, filled with corruption. His intense voice lunges straight at the listener with ferocity. His words are complimented with the musical expertise of Jon Salemi (guitar), Frank Vicario (guitar), and Dustin Perry (bass) and Ben Lythberg (drums). It is difficult to select standout tracks from this record, as it functions quite well as a whole. Particularly great songs are: "Coagulate", "Ten A.M.", "First Word", "Synthesis Of Classic Forms" and "Interrogation."

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