When a person is hungry and they see food they start to salivate, well let me tell you, if ears could salivate then that's exactly what mine would be doing when I saw the songs listed o­n the back of The In Laws soundtrack. I'm talking about true classics like "It's Now or Never," by Elvis, "Get Down," by KC and the Sunshine Band, "Live and Let Die," by Paul McCartney and so many more fantastic tunes. It just doesn't get any better than this. If I had a rating system, then this soundtrack would definitely get an eleven out of ten. Not o­nly does this compilation of songs balance out perfectly with its variety of old school jazz and classic rock, but it is the perfect album for any o­ne looking for some great summer time tunes. In other words, "The In Laws" soundtrack is just o­ne of those feel good CDs that you can listen to any time you need a boost.

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