Jim and Michelle are getting married; welcome to American Wedding, the final chapter of The American Pie Trilogy. Of course the rest of the characters are back as well. Audiences around the world have embraced the two previous films (American Pie and American Pie II) and the soundtracks have been equally successful. The rock-pop songs are full of energy and a perfect fit for the film. The CD includes 17 tracks with over an hour of music. Commencing with The Foo Fighters' "Times Like These," into Good Charlotte's "Anthem," check out Avril Lavigne's "I Don't Give," and my favorite track The Wallflowers performing Van Morrison's classic "Into The Mystic." Other notable bands include: Sum 41, American Hi-Fi, Gob and many more. This diverse CD is packed with high energy tunes and is a perfect compliment to the film. If you enjoyed the previous A.M. Pie films and their soundtrack releases you will welcomed this new addition.

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