The Success rate of actor-actress/singers in both realms of cinema and music is quite significant in recent years although perhaps J-lo's last cinematic endeavour (Gigli), displayed a more realistic picture of how talent in o­ne field overrides the other. But to find Colin Farrel covering I Fought the Law in the Intermission soundtrack was surprising, surprisingly good and perhaps divulges a hidden talent that will hopefully dim the lights engulfing those much less talented.

With Farrel kicking off the soundtrack, the remainder of the CD  follows accordingly with some strands of provocative 80's orientated music. U2's Out of a Control is blast from the past that takes back to the exciting period prior to the Joshua Tree and the Thrills enthral us with ethereal melodies in o­ne Horse Town. Kudos however, has to go to Ron Sexsmith in Disappearing Act and These days for providing music that can o­nly be described as o­ne of a kind and enigmatically fascinating. 




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