Francis Ford Coppola's chilling cinematic interpretation of Joseph Conrad's classic novel, "Heart of Darkness", comes to life in this hauntingly unforgettable musical score. Masterfully conducted by both Carmine Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola, the frighteningly captivating musical journey into man's capacity for evil and insanity takes its first bold steps into the horror with the Door's hopelessly decadent track, "The End". From beginning to end, the oft times desolate orchestrated music inflames a spine tingling, realistic element accentuating the unforgettable visuals of perhaps the finest film based o­n the Viet Nam war. Apocalypse Now Redux demonstrates the sheer power of discrete quadraphonic sound unnervingly reminiscent of Holst's, "The Planets" and Mahler's 5th Symphony. This latest release of Apocalypse Now is digitally remastered and features several previously unreleased tracks. Well worth every penny.


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