Excuse me while I dry my eyes: this is quite the sappy album. Not that this qualifies it as "bad", it's actually a fairly good album- just a little o­n the cheesy side. With songs like "Am I Read?" and "Make My Heart Attack", it's hard not to crack a smile. The songs o­n this album are collective anthems of love, heartbreak, and tales of starving artists, which is surely no longer a problem after the success of this album. Mark Rose (vocals/guitar), Dan Lewder (guitar/vocals), TJ Munich (bass/vocals) and JD Romero (drums) serve their hearts o­n a silver platter. They croon songs of love and confusion, and the occasional side order of tears: "California's not so far/ When I close my eyes and wonder where you are/When you wish upon a star…" ("Loved The Way She Said 'L.A.'"). So the lyrics are far from deep, but it seems "Remember Right Now" holds up minus intense reflectivity. This is the type of album that is to be taken at face value: a collection of songs, which above all, are a good listen. Though some of the lyrics are grim, there remains a good share of danceable upbeat tunes. Best songs are "Those Days You Felt Alive", "Five Days and Counting", "Loved The Way She Said 'L.A.'", "Stolen From Some Great Writer."

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