Stanton Moore

If you listen to Jazz music, you've probably never heard it like this. Stanton Moore. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, turn the volume up o­n this album and rest assured, you'll be up in no time. The first track "Tang the Hump" is an up-tempo composition with sounds of drums, baritone sax and bass. "Fallin' Off The Floor" is also very vibrant with some vocal samples by the "Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indians." Things mellow a bit o­n "Let's Go." Great guitar playing by Brian Seeger. The tempo increases a notch o­n the modern jazz track "Launcho Diablo." The following track "Prairie Sunset" is more subtle with the sounds, but it works well. Rock music gets thrown into the loop o­n "Things Fall Apart." I didn't think jazz and rock made a good mix in this particular track. "Amy's Lament" sounds a bit eerie. Not o­ne of my favorite's, that's for sure. "Magnolia Triangle" is upbeat like the first track. "Hunch" is funky and has a blues feel to it. This album gets plus points for it's unique twist o­n jazz. 

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