Steely Dan

Donald Fagen and Michael Becker met for the first time at Bard College in 1967.  Little  did  they  know that they would cause a major revolution in popular music within the next 10 years.  Soulful vocals coupled with fusion jazz and rock gave Steely Dan their intensive and sophisticated signature sound.

Steely  Dan  is  still  "reeling in the years."   The  new  album is incredibly  nostalgic.  But why fix it if it ain't broken.   The  cool saxophone phrasings of David Tofani,  the unique  and interesting guitar runs by Walter Becker are as alluring as ever.  The sixth track "Jack Of  Speed" shows airplay potential, yet slightly too long at 6:19 minutes.   From  the first track  "Gaslighting Abbie"  to the last "West Of Hollywood,"  all of the nine tracks groove.  So rush out and buy this very enjoyable album,  unless you were o­ne of the lucky o­nes who won it at our web site,

I  witnessed  Steely  Dan  and  the  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra perform together  live a few years ago. They  put  o­n  a marvelous  concert.   Steely  Dan  will  be  o­n  tour  this  summer  ( without  the  V.S.O. ), unfortunately they are not headed  to  Montreal.   The closest locations are July 1, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. and July 15, in Mansfield, Ma.


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