Stereolab / April 11 / 2004

When Stereolab walked o­nto the stage at Club Soda last night, the crowd did not go wild. While any other group would have interpreted this as some sort of grand insult, the band didn't flinch–completely used to this type of response. While the UK based, experimental alt-rockers received an overtly warm reception, both the group and their fans are known for their mellow, low-key attitudes. Due to lead-singer Laetita Sadier's French heritage, last night's show was a noteworthy hit for both English and French speaking indie-music lovers. Their new album Margerine Eclipse marks the band's first disc released after the death of former vocalist Mary Hansen who was hit by a truck in 2002. Even though their sound remains as classic as ever, devoted fans felt a slight void. While the seven piece band featured many unfamiliar faces, original guitarist/keyboardist Tim Gane and bassist Duncan Brown kept old-school Stereolab fans happy, delivering their original brand of quirky, cerebral music. Backed by a giant screen playing both psychedelic images and what seemed to be excerpts from short new-wave films, Sadier shuffled leisurely to the music. The swarm of hip twenty-somethings who filled the venue were more than happy to follow suite. Having played in our beautiful city o­n numerous occasions, the sound was particularly crisp at last night's venue, helping to make the show o­ne of Stereo's most pleasurable, well-rounded Montreal concerts to date.

Set List:

Margerine Melodie
Vonal Declosion
Wiggin Worms
Mass Riff
Come And Play In The Milky Night
Good Is Me
Cosmic Country Noir
Margerine Rock
Sudden Stars
Need To Be
Bop Scotch
Lo Boob Oscillator


La Demure

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