Steve Turre

This wonderfully diversified CD is not untypical of what we have heard before. Comparable to several other albums such as works by J.J. Johnson, and the eternal Bird. This disc was recorded in New York City last year (2000) in early November. Turre recorded with three distinct groups of musicians, each group sat in for a couple of days as the studio wrapped up the recording sessions in due time. Everything just clicked; of course all the musicians o­n this CD were familiar with each other through various past projects. Group o­ne included: Steve Turre (trombone), James Carter (tenor Sax), Mulgrew Miller (piano), Buster Williams (bass), Victor Lewis (drums). Group Two: Steve Turre (trombone), Dewey Redman (tenor Sax), Stephan Scott (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Lewis Nash (drums). Group three Steve Turre (trombone and claves), David Sanchez (tenor sax), Stephen Scott (piano), Peter Washington (bass), Lewis Nash (drums), Giovanni Hidalgo (congas, timbales and campana). Turre recruited some of the world's finest tenor saxophonists in James Carter, Dewey Redman and David Sanchez, each adding a distinct element to the overall recording. I really enjoy the feeling that this album embodies and most true jazz aficionados will probably concur. 

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