Sting's new album, All This Time is an absolute joy to hear. With a collection of restructured 'Sting', and 'The Police' classics, the music touched deep within my soul. I have always been partial to Stingís voice, and o­n this album it is as clear and pure as ever. The string arrangements and groovy percussion give this album a very acoustic feel, while the funky, honking horn section adds a Jazzy/Dixieland/Funk element. The album is in fact a live concert, although the mic placements must have been so amazing, and I suspect there may have been some studio overdubs ( as is USUALLY the case with "live" albums) because the quality of the recording is absolutely perfect. This album is quite a bit toned down from past albums I have heard from Sting, and it is beautiful to hear Sting singing his classic songs( such as "Roxanne", "Every Breath You Take", "If I ever lose my faith in You",etc…), "chilled out" and "Jazzed up" for a small crowd in an intimate setting.  Real Sting fans will absolutely love this album, and even casual fans should check it out. It is soothing, romantic, and absolutely fantastic to fall asleep to. 

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